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Faculty of Health Science's Faculty Research Forum

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Important dates

Faculty Research Forum – 2016


Articles for John van der Riet, Muller Potgieter en Kerneels Nel medals:


5 April 2016                  Monday               Second term begins

22 April 2016                Friday                   Deadline for submission of articles

27 April 2016                Wednesday          Articles to internal evaluation committees

19 May 2016                 Thursday              Feedback from internal evaluation committees regarding articles to Research Administration

24 May 2016                 Tuesday               Articles to external evaluators

23 June 2016                 Tuesday               Feedback from external evaluators to Research Administration

24 June 2016                 Friday                   Second Term ends




1 June 2016                   Monday               Abstract submissions open

15 July 2016                  Wednesday          Deadline for submission of abstracts

18 July 2016                  Monday               Abstracts to departmental representatives for approval

21 July 2016                  Thursday              Feedback from departmental representatives

22 July 2016                  Friday                   Abstracts to internal evaluation committees

5 August 2016               Friday                   Abstracts from internal evaluation committees back to Research Administration

10 Augustus 2016         Wednesday          Programme to printers

22 Augustus 2016         Monday               Receive programmes back from printers


Student forum:


9 Augustus 2016           Tuesday               All abstracts must be available for the    Student Forum