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Faculty of Health Science's Faculty Research Forum

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In order to facilitate the arrangement of the Forum, kindly take cognisance of the information about participation and guidelines.

The abstract must be completed online in accordance with the template. The maximum number of characters are 2500 for the content (aproximately 300 words).
  • Should you wish to make any changes to your abstract after submission, please contact Lizelle de Reuck to make arrangements (051 401 2848 / dereuckl@ufs.ac.za).
  • All submissions will be subjected to evaluation prior to inclusion in the Faculty Research Forum.
  • Feedback will be available should an abstract not be accepted for presentation at the Faculty Research Forum.
  • Submissions have to be approved by the School / Departmental representative before it will be sent to the Internal Evaluation Committees for evaluation. This process will happen automatically and researchers will receive notification should the School / Departmental representative require any changes before final submission.
  • All presenters at the Faculty Research Forum are invited to the Prize Giving Ceremony on Friday, 28 August 2015 at 16:00 in the Foyer. Winners will be contacted before the Ceremony.



  • Mrs Celia Roetz, Centre for Teaching and Learning, will assist researchers with the design and printing of posters (051 401 3779).
  • Please contact Mrs Roetz by no later than 30 June 2015 to arrange an appointment to discuss your poster.
  • All the information (text, tables, photos and graphs) that must appear on the poster must be in a Word document of no longer than seven (7) pages.
  • Document must be proof-read before it is sent to Mrs Roetz as she will only be responsible for the layout of the poster, not language editing.
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning will ensure that the layout of the poster is in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University of the Free State.
  • Price:
  1. A0, paper and laminated: R307.80
  2. A0, fabric: R400.00
  • Fabric posters are only printed on Wednesdays.